New deadline submitting papers for Milid Week 2012

The Milid Week organizing committee has extended the deadline for paper submissions until next May 9.

 With the extension of the deadline, originally planned to the last day of April 2012, those interested in participating in the congress will have a new opportunity to submit proposals for papers. Approved communications will be presented at the conference and subsequently published under ISBN digital material.

 The themes of the event are: Media Education, Children and Media, New languages ​​and new narratives, ICT experiences: Journalism and participation, research on media education and critical reading. Experts from universities, scientific publications and organizations, associations, programs and international researchers will also provide points for discussion, experiences, research results and initiatives in Milid Week congress.

 Proposals for papers presented so far provide research results and innovative experiences in the contexts of Latin America and Europe and propose initiatives to work with diverse audiences. Several universities and research centres of these and other continents have also confirmed the presentation of experiences and research results in Milid Week.


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