Milid Debates and Milid Research: Two “laboratories” for media literacy projects worldwide

Milid Debates and Milid Research will host the debates and presentation of research results about Media and Information Literacy and Intercultural Dialogue Milid on Milid Week congress, taking place from 22 to 25 May next.

 The tables to be presented at the Milid Debates will be in English, and among them is Youth media: Promoting Youth Media and Intercultural Dialogue, moderated by Jordi Torrent, director of UNAOC. Several experts will share and discuss initiatives aimed at promoting critical and media production in the young.

 Milid, Citizenship and Intercultural Dialogue is another discussion board, where experts from China, Egypt and Japan will highlight the power of media literacy and its impact on learning, skills development, creativity and participation. Fostering Milid around the World, on the other hand, will be the space to discuss about the involvement of civil society, media, researchers and policy makers to strengthen media literacy. In the table as representative of Unesco will participate Vladimir Gai, among other professionals and researchers in the area.

 Moreover, representatives of associations and projects will work on a discussion about the situation of Media Literacy in the world on Mapping Milid World: International Projects and Associations round table.

 Milid Research will present research results about Information and Media Literacy and Intercultural Dialogue from an Ibero-american perspective. Among the topics to be discussed is The Media Education in schools, and Media Literacy throughout life, mainly from the contributions of researchers from universities in Spain, México and Portugal. The objective will be recognizing practical applications and the complexity of media literacy beyond the spaces of formal education.

 Other discussions will be about Exploring social networks and Juvenile and critical skills, in which the teacher and Mexican researcher Guillermo Orozco will address the development of the critical eye in childhood, as well as cases and success stories.


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