Master's Degree in Travel Journalism (online)

Máster en Periodismo de Viajes online

The Master's Degree in Travel Journalism (online modality) has been created to strengthen and complement the offerings of the master in his attendance.

The master's degree online mode is characterized by a set of theoretical and practical content for media professionals and other interested people, teaching them the techniques and skills needed to "tell" a trip. The program is producing content for newspaper travel journalism, radio, television and the Internet. Just respond to the current need to provide travel itineraries that go beyond conventional tourism, bringing added value to them.

It is aimed at professionals who want to take their own initiatives (travel agencies specialized media projects, radio or in print, multimedia, online platforms, etc...) in the communication field trips. The master's degree presents, firstly, a specialized focus from the point of view of journalistic production and on the other, provides a multidisciplinary perspective from different areas of social science interest and achievement in training and development a travel journalist or communicator.

Access requirements

Hold a University Degree of at least 180 ECTS or equivalent.

Career opportunities

Professional career opportunities are focused on the tourist field, travel communication and specialist journalism. 

Specifically the course is aimed at training professionals for working with writers, editors and audiovisual producers and/or webmasters for magazines, newspapers, televisions, radios and multimedia initiatives linked to the communication and travel sector. 

This master's degree also trains students for tourist guiding, communications managers and PR and marketing in the sector. 

Added to this is the possibility of designing and setting up a company for travel communication taking advantage of knowledge gained from the content of the course.


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