Experts from Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America come together to promote Milid

Experts from universities in several continents, scientific publications and organizations, associations, programs and international research centers will provide experiences, research results and initiatives in Milid Week congress to be held soon in Barcelona.

 The meeting proposed a pluralistic approach of the objects in the media and information literacy and intercultural dialogue, bringing together perspectives from different latitudes.

 Papers presented at the congress also collect progress of research results from master papers, doctoral theses and research groups, initiatives and best practices in Media Literacy and Information and Intercultural Dialogue. Other themes of the event are: Media Education, Children and Media, New languages and new narratives, experiences ICT: Journalism and participation, research on media education and critical reading.

 The deadline for submissions to Milid Week 2012 is open until April 30.

 Persons interested in submitting proposals, can do it through a form available on the MILID Week website, then have to wait for approvals by the Academic Committee.

 More information on procedures, deadlines and criteria for evaluating proposals are also available on the Milid Week 2012 website.


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