Spring Arab School


Dear colleagues, dear friends:

Welcome to the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​your university.

From the Office of Communication and Education of the Autonomous University of Barcelona

we warmly welcome you to the 2024 edition of the SPRING SCHOOL, which we have organized

in a special way for all of you with the aim of building a collaborative space for reflection, ideation

and generation of ideas, content and projects.

For our university, due to its ties of friendship with Egypt, it is a true honor to receive this group

of students and professors who will help us build a better world through reflection, debate and

analysis. We have prepared a set of activities, seminars and workshops that, from a theoretical-

practical approach, seek to enhance learning by doing. 

Our teaching team, made up of professionals of recognized prestige and experience in different

professional fields and sectors, have meticulously and carefully prepared the study plans and

evaluation  activities that will help us learn from a critical, transversal and multifaceted perspective

and thinking.

We also hope to be able to address great challenges and debates related to new audiences, Artificial

Intelligence, new formats and the unstoppable growth of social networks. We will do all this on a

campus that, every day, brings together more than 30,000 students and teachers and that has more

than 100 nationalities.Furthermore, we would like to take the opportunity to invite you to immerse

yourself in the cultural, gastronomic and historical wealth of the city of Barcelona and its surroundings.

In this way we will be able to work on concepts such as interculturality, empathy and the important

and necessary dialogue for peace.Marcel Proust wrote: "The only true voyage of discovery consists

not in seeking new landscapes, but in looking with new eyes." Welcome to your university.

Welcome home.

Barcelona, Spain, March 2024



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