Promoting Digital Literacy

2003 to 2004

This report responds to the request of the European Commission to prepare a course of action: Promoting digital literacy within the eLearning programme.

The report centres on the following aspects:

1. Identification and analysis of a limited number of successful and innovative experiences that have helped promote digital and media literacy, and the strengths and weaknesses of these experiences.

2. The drawing up of recommendations for the implementation of the “Promoting digital literacy” course of action in the future eLearning Programme.

Within this framework, the Report provided the European Commission with strategies to help people develop the necessary abilities and skills to manage their own in the knowledge society.

The aim was both for those that already have access to ICTs to make progress; and to create the right conditions, so that those who are negatively affected by the so-called “digital divide” can acquire effective access. The final aim is to help build a cohesive and democratic society, in which all can reap the benefits of the information society.