Emedus held its first seminar on methodology in the UAB

The First Scientific Workshop of the European Project EMEDUS (European Media Literacy Education Study) was held on March 22 and 23. The meeting was coordinated by the Communication and Education Cabinet of the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona and funded by the European Commission through the Lifelong Learning Programme.

 The purpose of the meeting was to present the methodology of the research for the three studies to be undertaken from July 2012, focused on the analysis of the Media Literacy Education in three areas: formal education, informal education and risk groups in Europe. 

The meeting began by confirming the concretion of the scientific guidance of the research and the presentation of the major European scientific sources related to the object of study. More than 400 European sources as well as 70 journals were presented as basic sources. The second part of the meeting focused on discussion of the methodology of the three studies and agreed to include contributions for each of them.

 The meeting brought together Andrej Skolkai (SKAMBA), Manuel Pinto (UoM), Paolo Celot (EAVI), Marco Ricceri (Eurispes -via Skype-), Jose Manuel Perez Tornero, Santiago Tejedor, Nuria Fernandez, Juan Francisco Cerdá Martinez, Oralia Paredes Mireia Pi, Jose Luis Ygoa and Cristina Pulido part of the Communication and Education Cabinet staff at UAB.


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