Milid Highlights: videos about communication, education and media literacy

Milid Highlights is a set of interviews in a short video where several experts place the key themes of media and information literacy. This video is part of the audiovisual tools that UNITWIN (UNESCO UNAOC) intends to produce and will also be utilized in other initiatives generated by the program. 

The highlights videos "Milid Media and information literacy: NewTrends and Media Education" and  "Milid Media and information literacy: Why is it important?" will be screening at the Congress. 

In the first video, the experts Susan Moeller, Kathleen Tyner, Tapio Varis, Matteo Zachetti y Najat Rochdi outline the importance of new media as a new technology platform and as a tool for education and participation. 

In the second one, the Unesco expert Vladimir Gai and teachers Ursula Maier, Manuel Pinto, Mar de Fontcuberta, Samy Tayie, Maria Ranieri and Jose Ignacio Aguaded refer to the main aspects of understanding media education, the most important dimensions for its development and the centrality of these practices for the formation of more democratic societies.

 Milid Highlights are productions from Milid UNITWIN Cooperation Programme on Media and Information Literacy and Intercultural Dialogue (UNESCO - United Nations Alliance ofCivilizations) and the Communication and Education Cabinet of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.


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