"Magic Valley", a new Media Literacy Facility in Budapest


The Media Council of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority, the regulator supervising the electronic media in Hungary, has launch a Media Literacy Facility in Budapest, called "Magic Valley".

This centre has been created with the ultimate aim of providing future generations with a tool to raise their awareness in exploiting the advantages of a new media culture and giving them a thorough understanding of what is happening in the world of media that surrounds them.

The Media Council expects to reach 500 teachers and 10.000 students annually, on groups of students aged 9 to 16The students work about different topics as: press, ads, radio, news, movies, and mobile technology and Internet.

Magic Valley is considered as a 'learn-by-experience media centre', based on the principle of ‘see and learn', established by the National Media and Infocommunications Authority with the help of Hungary's major infocommunications companies and media service providers.

Accredited tuition materials used in the specialised training of teachers include subjects such as 'the basics of how to understand the media', 'culture in a digital society', 'digital skills', 'digital security and public trust', 'creation of a conscious media consumption', 'media culture and its acquisition', 'conscious customer culture' and 'awareness towards a responsible attitude by citizens'.    


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