Gabinete will take part on a Seminar on Mobile Journalism and Human Rights

The Seminar will take place in several European cities over the next months

 “Mobile Journalism, Media Literacy and Human Rights” is a training for trainers course where the professionals can reflect upon the mobile phone as a tool for innovation in journalism.  The seminar will be celebrated on June 13th to June 17th in Barcelona.

The workshop, organized by Observatorio para la Innovación de los Informativos en la Sociedad Digital, will provide participants with the knowledge to report news utilizing adequate media and media channels to have an influence on the political and social processes affecting their lives.

The event takes part of the Y-NEX project, a host of activities on mobile journalism and human rights that will take place on the next months in different European locations.

The participants include members of the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB, Spain), the Zagreb University (Croatia), Telecentar (Croatia), the Institute of Art, Design and Technology (Dublin, Ireland) and ATIT (Belgium).The Spanish public service television (RTVE) will also take an active part in the training sessions.


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